Adverts vs SEO

There is little doubt that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an investment in your marketing strategy that offers tremendous returns. With the right strategy you will achieve extraordinary results and a return on investment (ROI) one can only dream of through other marketing media.

Lets take a closer look at Adverts vs SEO and start with the good old newspaper…

If you are considering an advert in, say, the Sydney Morning Herald, you will find that the cost of the smallest advert is comparable with an entry level SEO strategy. Lets have a look at this in detail by perusing an extract of the Sydney Morning Herald’s pricing structure

Adverts vs SEO

Adverts vs SEO

Adverts vs SEO

You notice that the cheapest advert (45 mm x 63 mm) is $1,051.37 which is limited to week days.

Adverts vs SEO

So what do you get for this?

 Advertising in a newspaper  Search Engine Optimisation
Well, they have a substantial Monday – Friday readership of around 792,000 However, more than 82% of the population uses the Internet
You will get some readers on subsequent days but who reads yesterdays news? Your SEO investment is perpetual and attracts new potential clients every day of the week 24/7 and all year around.
Sydney Morning Herald readers have a general interest in the news and adverts seem a necessary evil to keep the paper in circulation. People on the Web that type in a specific search phrase are interested to find out more about that phrase so by the time they reach your website they are fully qualified leads.


Where would you rather invest your hard earned advertising budget? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

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Adverts vs SEO
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Adverts vs SEO
An article that compares advertising cost with the cost of SEO services.
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