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Why EZiHosting - Paul Bamber

Paul Bamber – Co-founder

Why you should consider EZiHosting
The EZi Difference
Yes, like any other hosting company there are some things we do similarly compared to our competitors but there are some things we do very differently. Our number 1 goal is to focused squarely on providing  awesome customer service and the absolute best quality web hosting packages in the industry. It’s a never-ending quest, but it’s one we’re never waiver from.
Flexible Approach
We create a flexible environment within the hosting space and the IT services within it. We offer multiple pathways for you to communicate with us, share your ideas or concerns or just have a random chat with us. We value your feedback and ideas and actively explore implementing your ideas as some of our best features came from you to start with…
Your Voice Counts
Every EZi customer is encouraged to submit their own suggestions for new features. Those suggestions are then voted upon by other customers and the most popular ideas then make their way to our development team. This is a great way to have your favourite program featured as a One Click Install or have certain settings changed that would offer a better hosting experience.
Communication is Key
Our fantastic Technical Support System is not outsourced but right here in Australia. There are several ways to get help including our:

  • DIY knowledge base,
  • World class ticketing system (ten minute turn-around),
  • Direct support email system,
  • Online “Life Help, and
  • Direct phone support.

We understand our system, speak your language and care about your needs.
Help and be Helped
The EZi Knowledge Base is an ever-growing resource of solutions put together by our staff and customers alike. The EZi Knowledge Base is the closest thing to a “EZi Manual” you’ll ever find within the industry. We encourage you to contribute  – particularly if you think you can explain a topic better than we can.
The buck stops with us
We endeavour to provide you with a great service. We make it easier for you by having a “one-stop-shop” approach to your Internet IT needs. We have solid 24/7 support systems with phones being answered right here in Australia; day or night. However, once in a blue moon we stuff up. If this happens, then this is my pledge to you…

“If you require help and feel you have exhausted all other avenues to resolve your issue, then I personally invite you to call me on 0438 316 775. I will endeavour to assist or have one of my senior technicians follow up on your request. I encourage feedback at all levels and if you feel you have a issue that I personally can help you with, then I will – 100% guaranteed.”

Paul Bamber

EZiHosting Pty Ltd