Domain Names what name is right for me?

Domain Names what name is right for me? It can be daunting if you are looking for a domain name for the first time. There seems to be an explosion of new domains available to us but which one is right for me? Well, these are some of the things I would consider when purchasing a domain name…

1. Stick with real words

If you are a multinational with deep pockets then you can simply make up a new word or name and spend millions on transforming it into an iconic brand name. However, if you just starting out, you may find that your budget forgot all about your online spending in the first place so you need to compromise. Saying this, it is still better to pick a domain name that is made up of real words. For example, using Express will always trump Xpress… This is mainly because your clients will search for “express” and are likely to end up on your competitor’s web site. The same applies 2 numbers. Not many people type actual numbers in their search strings so will be better than Similarly, hyphens are also things that your clients do not type naturally into their searches. So is just going downhill fast…

2. Keep your domain name short

Having a long business name doesn’t easily translate into a great online name. So the “Tasmanian Society of Great Domain Names” will struggle with a domain – That just hurts your eyes, can’t be typed without typos and will only narrowly fit on your business card. An acronym or some sort of abbreviation may solve you problem. already starts to look a little better… But as you may already have noticed, good, short domain names are becoming imposible to get…

Domain Names  - what name is right for me?

3. Stick with an integrated marketing strategy

When researching your business name you should look at your legal name and internet name at the same time. This means finding a business name with ASIC as well as finding the availability for the domain. Often you find you perfect business name only to find out later that the domain is already taken. So searching for the availability of names simultaneously will prevent a lot of frustrations… Even when you have a Eurica moment and think you have the best and cleverest name, someone already has it; don’t get discouraged and keep hacking away at it.

4. Localise your domain name

It is important that your domain name looks and sounds great but as we all know the boss needs to like it too. The internet presence boss is Google and what Google wants we give… It is extremely important that Google ranks you well in their search results and your domain name is going to play a part in this. Google looks at the age of the domain name and naturally assigns more importance to older names. But this is irrelevant for you unless you are willing to purchase an old domain name. Lets assume you are not in a position to buy your domain so you back to registering a new one. Google also really likes anything “local”. So adjust your type of domain name to the most localised one. This means that if you operate solely in sydney then you should consider a domain name like

5. Service focus your domain name

Very similar to the above, you may want to consider linking the type of domain name to the service you provide. For example, if you are running a property management company in Sydney, why not look at You do not have to stick with the old because there are many generic domain name popping up on a daily basis.

6. Key words or phrase

Yes, we are back to Google… Use your main key words or phrase in your domain name! So you have decided that your new invention (the green widget peeler) is going to be big. You set up a eCommerce shop where the world can buy your new revolutionary peeler. All you need is a domain name. Well, only one option really: So when someone in the world types in “green widget peeler” in the search bar, Google rightfully thinks that you can supply the goodies and therefore will assign a lot of relevence to your site (all other things being equal).

Domain Names what name is right for me?

Domain Names | what name is right for me? - Rene NusseDomain Names | what name is right for me? by Rene Nusse

Domain Names | what name is right for me?
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Domain Names | what name is right for me?
Domain Names | what name is right for me? is an article that may assist in picking the right domain name for your new venture.
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