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    Q&A - FAQs - SEO Question

    Q: Is there a limit on the number of keywords or keyphrases I can use in my SEO campaign?

    A: No, we do not limit your targeted keywords or keyphrases. However, we will perform a full keyword analysis and will recommend those that are most suited to achieve your SEO outcomes. This will be based on many factors including your budget, the competitiveness of your targeted keywords and keyphrases as well as their search volumes. Read more…

    Q: Why should I pick EZiFind for my SEO needs?

    A: We have been doing SEO for a long time and have partnered with industry leaders to provide the best SEO service in Australia. With over 1,000 campaigns under our belt, you know what to expect. We do set unrealistic expectations because this will lose the respect we developed and earned within the industry. We use great proprietary tools to monitor Google algorithm changes, analyse the links coming to your website as well as highly developed keyword and keyphrase analysis software. You will also have all your Internet services under one roof which makes managing your services easy; something you would expect from your Internet Technology Partner…

    Q: What is your fee structure based on?

    A: We do not offer a generic SEO service. All our clients are treated as a “one-off” and unique entity that requires a tailor-made solution. In essence, you will hire one of our SEO specialists and pay for the time spent on your campaign. This will include pre-analysis, SEO implementation and maintenance…

    Q: Do you charge a setup fee?

    A: SEO setup fees are currently waived until further notice.

    Q: Do you have a timeframe?

    A: Our methodologies are well structured. We focus considerable resources on getting it right the first time. This means an SEO focus on pre-analysis. Your campaign will be on its way within 14 days max…

    Q: When can I see improvements in my ranking?

    A: This depends essentially on 2 factors. 1. the competitiveness of your keywords and key phrases, and 2. your budget. By deploying well tested methodologies we can guarantee that the best possible approach is always implemented. But in the end, we can not set or guarantee defined timeframes.

    Q: What exactly will you do?

    A: We get you ranked as high as is realistically possible utilising safe and user friendly “white hat” SEO methodologies. Of you want to find out more about white hat SEO then read this articleYou will get monthly reports on your progress where we explain what we did.

    Q: Will I receive regular updates?

    A: Yes, you will get a monthly report that outlines your campaign’s progress.

    Included in all our packages...

    Comprehensive SEO strategy

    This is an all inclusive schedule that will spell out your SEO goals and how you will achieve them. It includes outcomes, pathways, timeframes and other information to keep us focussed on the end-goal.

    Keyword research

    Getting is right from that beginning is essential to your SEO success. Your keywords and keyphrases will play a critical role in this. We use Latent Semantic Indexing and other techniques to analyse what keywords are right for you and then maximise the effectiveness of these keywords to get you ranked well. We also maximise your “bang-for-buck” by focussing on niche keyphrases that have low competition / high search ratio. This will speed up your campaign significantly; specifically for start-up businesses.

    Guidance for your web developer

    Most client are under the misconception that web developers are SEO specialists. This is unfortunately not the case and comparable to going to the dentist for a stomach complained. Although most developers have some idea about SEO, the truth is that “a little knowledge can be dangerous”. There is a fine line between spamming Google for keywords and maximising keyword density. Our proprietary software will constantly assess where this line in the sand is drawn by Google and adjust your site accordingly. In the end, we guide your developer through this SEO minefield to get the best out of Google.

    Link building

    For your site to rank well in Google it requires a high level of credibility. To “earn” SEO credibility, Google will analyse the links to your website that have relevance to your keyword or key phrase. The more relevant links are pointing to your website, the more “link juice” google will assign to the site and the more credibility it earns. We fully manage this link campaign for you to ensure you will get the best results possible.

    Ongoing support

    Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing activity. It is an trump in your marketing strategy and like other forms of marketing, SEO is, and must be, ongoing. In the end, it is going to be an issue serounding your Return on Investment (ROI) that will determine in SEO is right for you. See our article about Adverts vs SEO for more on this… SEO isn’t a one-off activity. Nor is it ‘set and forget’. It takes many months to achieve your objectives, and often this will mean adjusting our course as we go. And even when we’ve achieved your goals, there’s still work to do. The last thing you want is to slide back to where you were before you started. No matter what SEO package you choose, you get comprehensive ongoing care. We closely monitor your progress and search environment, to ensure everything’s going according to plan. This includes implementation of SEO-friendly marketing, ongoing link building, risk assessment and monitoring, detailed monthly reporting and team training. From time to time, we’ll also uncover something new about your market, or Google will change its search algorithm. These changes are opportunities, not inconveniences. We’ll recognise them quickly and act immediately. Your competitors may not.

    SEO as part of an integrated marketing campaign

    SEO will derive synergies from being part of an integrated marketing strategy. Having your SEO integrated will greatly improve your opportunities. For more information, please call us on 1800 11 22 70.

    SEO Add-ons

    In addition to our normal monthly services, you can engage us to look at specific issues on an adhoc basis. This services include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

    Website Auditing

    An audit will provide you with the data you need to make evidence based business decisions. A full audit of your online presence will provide you with that data.

    Migration Audit

    Migrating your website from one host to another can be daunting enough without having to worry about SEO issues. You do not want to lose your hard-earned ranking so developing a migration strategy will be essential.

    Risk Mitigation – backlinks

    White-hat SEO will get you long-term result. Black-hat SEO will not and potentially will get you banned altogether from the Google index. This risk mitigation audit will ensure that your website uses white-hat techniques and will clean up any mess left by unscrupulous SEO practitioners that we unfortunately have to deal with on a daily basis. Read more about Google’s best practice guidelines.

    Listing Recovery Project

    When your Google ranking suddenly drops then you need to act. This is often the case when Google releases a new algorithm. We can analyse your website and apply subtle changes to get your rankings back up.


    Knowledge is power and knowing your site’s SEO is the best knowledge you can invest in. Not just SEO but also understanding your client’s buyer’s behaviour whilst visiting your site. Where are they exiting your site? At what point is conversion achieved. Understanding why your potential clients do not click that “Pay Now” button. A full visualisation of all website activities will give you to tools to make evidence based decisions that will get you on top of your game.

    Make the most of all that new traffic

    Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

    It is great to have increased traffic to your site but this will be useless if your visitors are just having a look rather than converting into customers. Whatever your conversion may be (click the “Buy Now” button, fill out a form or call you directly), you need your customers to do something. Some “call to action”. We can help converting visitors into customers because we understand online client behaviour. Call us for more information.