Tennis Court Bookings System


What is Tennis Court Bookings?

Tennis court bookings is a comprehensive booking system specifically designed for tennis courts. Mind you, any court driven sporting club can use Tennis Court Bookings such as squash or badminton clubs.

Tennis Court Bookings Modules

Tennis Court Bookings come in 4 modules ranging from our free “lite” version to a comprehensive tennis court booking and payment system.

Tennis Court Bookings Lite (free)

This module is free to use. Just download and install like any other WP plugin. The Lite version may be just what you require.


  • Enable/disable to email a standard message to your visitor confirming the booking. This can be printed and taken to the courts as evidence of the booking.
  • Enable/disable to email a standard booking alert to the administrator.
  • Create and name up to 4 courts.
  • Set your own booking system name – “Your Club Court Booking System”.
  • Set any opening and closing times for your courts.
  • Set the days your courts are available for bookings.
  • Enter any “closed” dates where you do not want to take any bookings.
  • Set the number of minutes before the bookings are not accepted. Ie, 120 minutes before your closing time.
  • Set the earliest booking date (the default is “today”).
  • Set the maximum days into the future where your visitors can book a court.
  • View and delete court bookings.

Now Multilingual

If your language is not available then let us know and we will add it to the growing list of languages already there.

Tennis court booking multilingualTo install the latest free lite version

  • Simply log into your WordPress site,
  • Go to “plugins”,
  • Click on “Add New”,
  • Search for “Tennis Court Bookings”.
  • Install and activate.

Tennis Court Bookings Pro (AU$49,95)

This module gives you unlimited courts and the ability to modify your emails. Plus we offer a full 12 month support package. Works flawlessly with our coaching and PayPal add-on.


  • All of the features in the lite version, plus…
  • Enable/disable to email a customised message to your visitor confirming the booking. This can be printed and taken to the courts as evidence of the booking.
  • Enable/disable to email a customised booking alert to the administrator.
  • Create and name unlimited courts.

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Tennis Court Bookings PayPal Add-on (AU$49,95)

This module lets your visitors pay for the bookings through your PayPal account. PayPal is free to set up but charges you a percentage of the booking amount. Set your own prices for each court. No more money left in boxes or money tins. All booking payments are transparent and accountable. Works flawlessly with our coaching add-on.


  • All of the features in the lite version, plus…
  • PayPal payment function so visitors can pay with their PayPal account or credit card.

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Tennis Court Bookings Coaching Add-on (AU$49,95)

This module is great for coaches for booking either individual coaching sessions or group activities. You can set the type of activity such as junior coaching, squad coaching or cardio tennis. Set your price per session. Set your maximum number of participants. Works flawlessly with our PayPal add-on.


  • All of the features in the lite version, plus…
  • Set and show coaching activities on the calendar.
  • Set a maximum number of participants for group activities.
  • Show visitors the number of booked participants for each activity.
  • Show coaching activities on the calendar.

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Q: What does Tennis Court Bookings do?

A: Tennis Court Bookings will run your tennis club’s booking system.

Q: Will it only work as a WordPress plugin?

A: Yes.

Q: How much does Tennis Court Bookings cost?

A: The Lite version is free and will do most things that a small club requires. However, you can expend the functionalities of the free version by purchasing Pro and/or any of the add-ons available.

Q: Do you offer support?

A: Yes, but only on the Pro version and the add-ons.

Q: Do you have a manual?

A: Yes, do you want to read it? Go Here…

Q: Does the plugin support other languages?

A: Yes, if your language is not available we will ask you to translate a short English list of words and phrases. We will then use this translation to add your specific language.



Free version

If you happy with our free version of Tennis Court Bookings and just use it then that is OK. It is really a trial version but you can use it “as is” for as long as you like. However, there is nothing that says “Thank You” like a small donation. Our developers will love you and your donation will assure future free updates…


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