Online banking account payments 28 Feb 2017

AMAZON’S giant servers crashed today causing chaos for millions of companies and people that use the cloud service and affected everything from larger web sites to people’s smarthomes and even library catalogues. As a result our accounts software Xero was also down affecting reconciliation of internet banking pyts overnight 28/02/2017. Status: Still waiting on all bank feeds coming through and invoice payment receipts will be emailed out as ... More


Protect your site from hackers

Greetings All, I trust you had a good start to the new year… A quick reminder that protecting your site from hacking is an important part of managing your website in 2017. EZiHosting has numerous sophisticated systems that protects our servers from malicious attacks. We also take continuous backups but these serve the purpose of restoring the server as a whole; not individual sites. Protecting access to your site and taking ... More


Emergency Bulletin: Firefox 0 day in the wild. What to do.

https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2016/11/emergency-bulletin-firefox-0-day-wild/?utm_source=list&utm_campaign=113016&utm_medium=email We’re publishing this as an emergency bulletin for our customers and the larger web community. A few hours ago a zero day vulnerability emerged in the Tor browser bundle and the Firefox web browser. Currently it exploits Windows systems with a high success rate and affects Firefox versions 41 to 50 and the current ... More



There's Less Than Two Months Before Browsers Start Penalizing Sites Without SSL We've said it before, and we'll say it again: SSL is no longer optional. It's mandatory. Regardless of what kind of site your running, soon you will be penalized by the browser community for not having encryption. ... More


Google Rankings for Mobile Optimised Sites

Did you know? If your site is optimised for mobile devices, Google will be ranking you higher than sites that aren't. Check if your site is mobile-friendly - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/  . Contact us for a free design assessement ... More