Wordfence Pro Annual Licence
Basic SSL addon
WordPress Yearly Maintenance Agreement

Subscriptions- Wordfence Pro Annual Licence

Wordfence is the most downloaded security plugin for WordPress websites

Our WordPress security plugin provides the best protection available for your website. Powered by the constantly updated Threat Defense Feed, WordFence Firewall stops you from getting hacked.

Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly in the event your site is compromised. Our Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your website. A deep set of additional tools round out the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available.

Monitor your site yourself - it is EZi... You will get regular notifications listing issues that need to be addressed such as WordPress and plug-in updates, old unsupported plugins, blocked IPs and much more...

However, we offer a full managed service add-on that guarantees 24/7 support and monitoring and includes all WordPress and Plugin updates. - all taken care off by our specialised team...

Web Application Firewall YES
Real-Time Threat Defense Feed YES
Block Brute Force Attacks YES
Country Blocking YES
Advanced Manual Blocking YES
Malware Scanner YES
Check if Site IP is Generating Spam YES
Check if Site is Spamvertized YES
View Blocked Intrusion Attempts YES
View Google Crawl Activity YES
View Bots and Crawlers YES
View Logins and Logouts YES
View Human Visitors YES
Cell Phone Sign In YES
Repair Files YES
Advanced Comment Spam Filter YES
Monitor Disk Space YES
Get Detailed IP Info YES
$ 99.00 AUD

Subscriptions- Basic SSL addon

Basic SSL protection for secure forms
$ 9.00 AUD

Subscriptions- WordPress Yearly Maintenance Agreement

Updating WordPress
Updating Plugins
Managing conflicts* during updates
* Conflicts will be highlighted and fixed in most cases but is not guaranteed as this very much depends on plugins, their age, their maintenance and updates to work effectively with the latest WordPress version. Some plugins are abandoned and receive no further updates from the original supplier. Solutions will be suggested but there may be additional fees.
$ 89.00 AUD

WordPress is the #1 website platform in the world.

For that reason it is also the most targeted platform for hackers!

Protect your site today with WordFence

Google Chrome is moving towards a more secure web