Gravity Forms Elite
Gravity View Galactic
Gravity Flow
Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms- Gravity Forms Elite

Build Amazing Forms in Just Minutes

Packed with tons of time-saving features… Gravity Forms is the only WordPress form tool you will ever need.

Build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes. No drudgery, just quick and easy form-building. Select your fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your WordPress-powered site using the built-in tools.

Fully Installed On Your Site YES
Unlimited Forms YES
Unlimited Entries YES
Conditional Logic YES
Multi-Page Forms YES
File Uploads YES
WordPress Multi-Site YES
Automatic Updates YES
Priority Support YES
Basic Add-Ons YES
Pro Add-Ons YES
Elite Add-Ons YES
$ 129.00 AUD

Gravity Forms- Gravity View Galactic

The Best Way to Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

Gravity Forms collects data. GravityView displays the data.

Fully Installed On Your Site YES
Gravity Forms Add-Ons Compatible YES
Multilingual YES
Import CSVs YES
Featured Entries YES
Great for Paid Directories YES
Front End Edit Entries YES
DataTables Integration YES
Gravity Flow & Gravity PDF & GFChart YES
Constantly Improving YES
$ 498.00 AUD

Gravity Forms- Gravity Flow

Automate your business processes.

Turn your email and spreadsheet chaos into secure, scalable and efficient workflow systems.

Built for WordPress & Gravity Forms./p>

Fully Installed On Your Site YES
Improve Communication and Reduce Confusion YES
Responsive Front-end YES
Feedback Loops & Process Branching YES
Audit Trail YES
Extensible & Developer-Friendly YES
Professional Translations YES
Automatic Updates = Secure Site YES
Granular Permissions YES
Scheduling YES
Reporting YES
Powerful & Flexible YES
Rapid Implementation YES
Involve Anyone Internal or External: YES
$ 488.00 AUD

Gravity Forms- Gravity Perks

A WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly install and manage easy-to-use enhancements (aka "perks") for Gravity Forms.

Wait... what is a "perk"?

Perks are like bonus features for Gravity Forms. They're small single-purpose plugins designed to be easy to use and integrate seamlessly with Gravity Forms. View the full list of perks below.

What does Gravity Perks do?

Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for the "perks". Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It's like JetPack but specifically for Gravity Forms.

Fully Installed On Your Site YES
Gravity Forms Limit Submissions YES
Gravity Forms Nested Forms YES
Gravity Forms Better User Activation YES
Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields YES
Gravity Forms Media Library YES
Gravity Forms Post Content Merge Tags YES
Gravity Forms Live Preview YES
Gravity Forms Limit Dates YES
Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation YES
Gravity Forms Unique ID YES
Gravity Forms Disable Entry Creation YES
Gravity Forms Preview Submission YES
Gravity Forms Price Range YES
Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing YES
Gravity Forms Reload Form YES
Gravity Forms Read Only YES
Gravity Forms Blacklist YES
Gravity Forms Auto Login YES
Gravity Forms Copy Cat YES
Gravity Forms Expand Textareas YES
Gravity Forms PayPal One-time Fee YES
Gravity Forms Limit Choices YES
Gravity Forms Placeholder YES
Gravity Forms Pay Per Word YES
Gravity Forms Email Users YES
Gravity Forms Word Count YES
Gravity Forms Conditional Logic Dates YES
Gravity Forms Terms Of Service YES
Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes YES
$ 99.00 AUD